Horses bred at Winmallee Classical Riding and Warmbloods are registered with Australian Warmblood Horse Society and Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia.

Private Horse Riding and Dressage Lessons on Highly Trained School Horses from Beginners to Advanced.
Re-Educate your Horse to be light, forward and responsive with minimal aids.

Learn and Experience the Art of Classical Horse Riding

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True horsemanship demands time, patience and a sometimes painful honesty. As our horses start to mirror our traits, we may come face to face with the reflection of behaviour which shows that we might be lacking in kindness, confidence and a desire to please. You have to be disciplined enough to master your own personality otherwise you will not successfully master a horse. This is why the art of classical horsemanship takes a lifetime to achieve. The classical path is sound and all who follow this route can learn more of the fundamental qualities missing from today’s way of life.

Learn to Understand Your Horse and How He Thinks

Different to Others