Winmallee Classical Riding

Amanda Evins is a qualified level 3 instructor with the “Horse Safety Australia Inc”.

Winmallee offers a personal and caring attitude towards teaching horse and rider, an understanding above most. Lessons are straight forward and easy to understand with extensive theory for understanding the horse and his movements, learning how the horse thinks and his physical ability.

I am happy to pass on my extensive knowledge gained from 40 years experience.

‘A raw man is much easier taught to do well than one who has learnt ever so long on bad principles for it is much more difficult to undo that to do,

and also in respect to horses’.

Winmallee Warmbloods

Winmallee is also a small breeding stud that breeds quality warmbloods with the best lines. We breed the best with the best to produce the best.

Winmallee has an extensive program for breeding quality Warmbloods for Dressage or the show ring. Only the best quality mares and stallions are used. All mares are registered and assessed by AWHA, ACE, HANNOVERIAN & TRAKEHNERS for breeding to make sure the quality is of the highest standards to produce the best progeny possible. Stallions are selected from the very best bloodlines from Europe to meet the demands of the Australian Warmblood market. They must be able to stamp his progeny with his own qualities that will continue to reproduce through future generations.

Using bloodlines of Rubenstein, Donnerhall, Weltmeyer, De Niro, Royal Hit, Bon Bravour, Gribaldi, Scolari, Millennium. Correct feeding for all the horses is one of the highest priorities, to maintain horses in peak health and condition throughout different stages of growth. We ensure the correct balance of vitamins and minerals are received through pregnancy and the lactation stage. Pastures are kept healthy and lush and weed free to ensure the correct nutrient balance for our feed production.

All our horses are highly maintained with a strict veterinary regime that has been adhered to. Worming (worm counts), vaccinations, dental and hoof care, chiropractic work are all part of our horse care.

About Winmallee Classical Riding & Warmbloods