Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro)

1st - Led Filly

Reserve Champion Mare / Filly

​She is only 5 months old and so well behaved.

Winmallee Royal Reine

2nd - Led Filly

Winmallee Royal Rufino

1st Led Gelding

​Winmallee Royal Reine has been awarded AWHA HOTY

Led Overall Horse of the Year for 2013


Breeding & Foaling Clinic with Dr. Andrew Loose & Amanda Evins
​Sunday 7th July 2013 - 9am start

Dr Andrew Loose will be giving information on foaling and will be here for any questions.

Preparation of your mare from service to foaling

... if you are breeding this season or you have a foal due or just would like to know more about
​the breed season, this clinic is a must.

What mares are suitable for breeding?

When to breed?

Information about inseminating (chilled / frozen) and scans

How to look after the pregnant mare

Signs of trouble through pregnancy

How to recognise when the mare is due to foal

What to put in your foaling kit

All about foaling

After care for your mare and foal

We will be watching some DVDs and will be supplying information on foaling.  We will have my mare here to look at who is due to foal September 21st.  This is a time to ask as many questions as you can about foaling.  It is so important to know as much as possible at foaling time as so many things can go wrong.  If you are well prepared, you have more chance of having a live foal to enjoy and a healthy mare.  We spend a lot of money getting mares in foal and it is our responsibility to look after the mare the best we can for the 11 months she is pregnant. We don't want to throw away the money and time we have spent getting the mare ready for foaling only to miss the foaling and find a dead foal.  

Prepare yourself for the worst and everything will go fine.

Price:  $80 for the day, this includes lunch.


​Foal & Young Stock Show - 23rd June 2013

Winmallee De Nisha 

Champion Warmblood Foal

​Champion Open Foal


​Winmallee Royal Reine

Reserve Champion Led Warmblood

Champion Open Led Warmblood

​25th July 2013

Only 4 days to go before Bon Braxton starts his big trip from Germany to Australia.  He will be arriving at Winmallee on September 21st.  We will all be looking forward to this beautiful boy starting his new life with us!

​Winmallee Bon Braxton (IMP) Update

Winmallee Bon Braxton (IMP) has arrived safely after his big trip from Germany! 2 months travelling for a young boy is a big ask. He is 7 months old but what a tough little guy. Settled in really well and has a new paddock mate, De Nisha (De Niro).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Winmallee De Nisha

Winmallee De Nisha is growing up fast... she's just turned 1!

​Winmallee De Vyne (De Niro)

Born 22nd September 2013 at 10am. This stunning bundle of joy is now the last of the Winmallee fillies needed for the breeding program. The lovely fillies we have at the moment have all been from my beautiful TB mare Winmallee Emerald (Redding). Exciting times ahead with our breeding program.

UPDATE  |  Winmallee Mojo

has been sold to a wonderful home and will be agisted at Winmallee so at least he will not be going too far.  

Sold to a lovely 15 year old who loves him.

BREED SHOW  |  6th October 2013

Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro) has just turned one.  Her results are:

AWHA – Warmblood ring

1st – Best presented

1st – let yearling

Champion led Junior Warmblood

Supreme Warmblood


2nd – Best presented

1st – Led yearling

Champion Warmblood

Supreme Champion

Winmallee Dasha (TB) 6 years old.  This lovely mare went to her first show on the 6/10/13 and won: 

1st – Led TB Mare 

Champion Led TB 

Supreme Champion TB 

1st – Led Open Horse 

Reserve Champion Open Horse

Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro)

She was very well behaved for a yearling and won both her classes. She also won Best Present Horse and Handler in a strong field of horses.

Winmallee Royal Reine Results:
2 x Firsts Led 3 Year Old
2 x Champion Led Warmblood
2 x Supreme Champion Warmblood

8 x First places
2 x Reserve Champion Ridden
2 x Champion Ridden
1 x Supreme Champion
ARABS ALL BREEDS SHOW | 3rd November 2013 

Winmallee Royal Reine (Royal Hit)

This was her first show under saddle and she was amazing. This girl has a great future ahead of her as a dressage horse. Very uphill canter that travels forward and her hind legs track right under her body. The trot is very elastic and forward with a lovely over track. Walk is very relaxed and tracking through nicely and has a relaxed neck.

Reine has only been under saddle for 3 weeks now but has had extensive training in hand for a year. Reine has shoulder in, traver, renver, halfpass, and has started Piaffe in hand. All these movements are trained in hand before she is ridden and while she is young so when she is strong enough to be ridden she knows her work. By training this way it keeps a very happy horse with a relaxed mind.

News 2013


​We are going to import this stunning Warmblood Colt from Germany!

This is "Bon Braxton" (Brax)

Sire:  Bon Bravour

Dam:  by Scolari

This boy is 1 month old in these pictures and will be arriving here at Winmallee on September 23rd 2013!  He will be 8 months old.

We have been trying to get frozen semen of Bon Bravour to Australia but not possible.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to get this breed line to Australia. We already have a Scolari colt here and Coolie has the most amazing temperament. 

Winmallee Mojo (Umatilla xx) 

1st - Ridden Open Gelding

Champion Ridden Open

1st - Open Hunter Hack

1st - Open Educated Hunter Hack

Champion Open Hunter / Hack Horse


Winmallee De Nisha 

Highest Scoring Studbook SA

1st Place Australia Wide

​Winmallee Condor

Highest Scoring WPRB Led SA

Highest Scoring WPRB Ridden SA

2nd Place Ridden Australia Wide

3rd Place Led Australia Wide

Winmallee Royal Rufino (owned by Lisa Hosking)

Highest Scoring Studbook Yearling SA

1st Place Yearling Australia Wide

Winmallee Royal Reine 

3rd Place Studbook Mare Australia Wide


24TH MARCH 2013

Winmallee Condor ridden by Lisa Hoskings. This was Condor and Lisa's first Ag Show.

1st - Heavyweight Hunter

1st - Hunter over 16hh

2nd - Open Hunter

3rd - Hunter over 16hh

3rd - Open Hunter

Winmallee Mojo at Mount Barker Agricultural Show

1st - Show Hunter Hack over 16hh

1st - Lightweight Hunter

1st - Led Hunter Hack

​1st - Led Gelding

Winmallee Furst Class (Furst Love)

Champion Male Foal

​Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro)

Champion Filly Foal

Supreme Champion Foal

Winmallee Royal Reine (Royal Hit)

1st - Led Junior Filly

Champion Junior Warmblood

1st - Open Junior Filly

Champion Junior Open

AWHA GALA DAY - 12th May 2013

Another successful day for Winmallee at the AWHA Gala Day!


6th March 2013

​Winmallee De Nisha 

1st Place - Highest Scoring Foal in Australia

1st Place - Highest Scoring Filly in Australia

1st Place - Highest Scoring Foal in South Australia

​Winmallee Royal Rufino

1st Place - Highest Scoring Yearling in Australia

​Winmallee Royal Reine

3rd Place - Highest Scoring 2 year old in Australia

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Winmallee Condor - Score for Ridden and Led 76%

Winmallee Furst Class

4th Place - Highest Scoring Foal Colt in Australia

​Winmallee Condor 

1st Place - Highest Scoring Led in South Australia

2nd Place - Highest Scoring in Australia

1st Place - Highest Scoring Ridden in South Australia

3rd Place - Highest Scoring Ridden in Australia


Winmallee Royal Reine - Score 78.21%

Winmallee De Nisha - Score 84.28%

ACE Assessment Score 84.75%
​(2nd highest in Australia / New Zealand)



Winmallee Mojo results:

1st - Hack over 16.2hh

1st - Heavyweight Hack

1st - Educated Hack

1st - Open Hack

1st - Rider over 18 years


Winmallee Royal Rufino - Score 80%

Winmallee Furst Class - Score 80%