13th September 2018

Exciting News... Winmallee Ferdinand

We have some fantastic news to share with everyone!!  Winmallee Ferdinand has been SOLD to an amazing home in New Zealand. I could not have asked for a better home with such lovely people. This home will make him absolutely shine which is what he deserves. When you know they have a great home it makes selling so much easier.  Yes he was going to be my secret weapon for showing and dressage but time constraints were not going to make this happen.  Ferdi is one of the best horses I have bred and this is why I was keeping him for myself but now someone else can enjoy him. He has this very special love that he gives his owner so what a team they will be.

I am so proud that I am breeding quality horses that can be sold international, this is one goal I can tick off my list.
The picture below with him and myself having a cuddle tells what an amazing boy he is. I will miss him so much but I will be going over to visit at some stage. So many mixed emotions again, heartbroken but excited and happy.

5th February 2018

Pinto Champs

Great day with Winmallee De Nisha at the Pinto Champs  - we did the Open classes.
She was amazing as usual and my eye managed to stay in my head for the day. Dam sore now though. Thank you so much Kerry Tripodi for helping me out today and driving for me and taking photos.

1st - Handler over 18 years
1st - Led Senior are 4 yrs & over
1st - Best SA bred Horse 
1st - Best breeder/owner horse
1st - Best Solid colouring on a horse
1st - Rider over 36 years 
1st - Show Hunter Hack 16hh & over 
1st - Open Show Hunter Hack over 15hh 

Thank you Allstar Browbands (Karen Williams) for your sponsorship.
Thank you Prestige Garlands for the lovely Garland we won for Supreme Champion Led.

19th January 2018

Winmallee First Sezanne - Rest in peace

This is the hardest post I have ever had to write.

Rest in peace my wonderful Winmallee First Sezanne (Sezuan x De Niro), this girl was only 16 months old and has been taken from me way too early. She had a paddock accident and fractured her hind Tibia. We looked at all the options to help her but nothing could save this fracture which became much worse over a few days.

She was my perfect dream horse.

I will miss you so much Sez. xxxxx

11th September 2018

SHC - Winmallee De Nisha

So proud of my Winmallee De Nisha for:
"SHC Runner up City Show Hunter Section" in the high points awards & "SHC Runner up City/Country Led Section".

De Nisha and myself are just a very special team to be able to do so well for half a show season... only half a show season.

Thank you SHC for the lovely rugs and prizes. Thank you to the sponsors as well, I am very grateful.

11th February 2018

AWHA SA Tour Results

So very proud of the state results of the National Tour. I could not have asked for more from my horses. So proud of my very small breeding program and especially the results from the ridden classes. To me it is all about the training and ridden with these tours. Proves my passion for my horses and all the hard work pays off. Thank you again AWHA for these wonderful results.

Congratulations for the other competitors on their results

Highest % Studbook Ridden - SA: (Broad Sash and $75): Winmallee De Nisha - 86.00%
2nd Highest % Studbook Ridden - SA: (Broad Sash and $50): PS Royal Finale - 83.50%
3rd Highest % Studbook Ridden - SA: (Broad Sash and $25): New World Dvinemsindex - 77.50%
Highest % Open Ridden - SA: (Broad Sash and $50): Winmallee De Nisha - 86.00%
2nd Highest % Open Ridden - SA: (Broad Sash and $25): PS Royal Finale - 85.50%
3rd Highest % Open Ridden - SA: (Broad Sash and $15): Lamperds Stella - 82.50%
Highest % Studbook Led - SA: (Broad Sash and $75): PS Christmas - 88.39%
2nd Highest % Studbook Led - SA: (Broad Sash and $50): Winmallee De Nisha - 85.89%
3rd Highest % Studbook Led - SA: (Broad Sash and $25): Winmallee Ferdinand - 85.36%
Highest % Open Led - SA: (Broad Sash and $50): PS Christmas - 88.39%
2nd Highest % Open Led - SA: (Broad Sash and $25): PS Chrimson - 87.50%
3rd Highest % Open Led - SA: (Broad Sash and $15): Winmallee De Nisha - 85.89%

9th February 2018

AWHA Assessment Results

I am over the moon with the results today, everyone loved my horses. Was the most difficult day for me to be riding. Extremely hot and feeling awful. Unfortunately the pain killers I was on did not agree with me so very shaky, heart racing, and dizzy. Not the best way to be riding. I did the best I could.

Winmallee Ferdinand - Led Gelding 2-3yld - 85.35% (Platinum)
Winmallee De Nisha - Led mare 4-5yld - 85.89% (Platinum)
Winmallee De Nisha - Ridden Mare 5-6yld - 86% (Platinum)

Thank you Bec Elder for helping me and taking photos.
Thank you AWHA for coming out and assessing my horses.

11th June 2018

Introducing Hollands Bend Ravel

Best decision I have ever made buying this stunning colt - Hollands Bend Ravel (Royal Classic x Swarovski) from Jane Bartram.

He is 9 months old and what a power house he is. This is the first time he has been for a run or should I say stroll in the arena. Very quiet colt, just the best temperament. Certainly in love with this boy. Thanks Melanie Sabeeney for coming over and enjoying watching this boy with me.

25th February 2018

AWHA National Tour Official Results

NATIONAL WINNER - Winmallee Ferdinand (Ampere):
Led open gelding 2-3 years 85.36%
NATIONAL WINNER - Winmallee Ferdinand (Ampere):
Led Studbook gelding 2-3 years 85.36% (Awarded Platinum) 
NATIONAL WINNER - Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro):
Led open mare 4-5 years 85.89%
NATIONAL WINNER - Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro):
Led Studbook mare 4-5 years 85.89% (Awarded Platinum) 
NATIONAL WINNER - Winmallee De Nisha:
Ridden mare 5-6 years 86%
3rd - Winmallee De Nisha: Ridden Studbook mare 5-6 years 86% (Awarded Platinum) 

***All studbook classes my horses were awarded Platinum status. Cannot get any better than this.***


To say I am proud is an understatement. Little old me doing so well with breeding so few, training all my home bred horses myself. This is a huge achievement for Winmallee and is why I work so hard.

1st August 2018

Introducing Hollands Bend Regal Classic

Wow! Wow! Wow! Look what I got today. I am now the owner of a stunning colt by Royal Classic x Celeste-Laura (imp) (Chequille/DonSchufro/Lauries Crusador).

Thank you so much Jane for breeding me such a stunning boy. I bought this horse in utero and it has been so hard to keep it a secret.
At least I will remember his Birthday - 1st August ❤️
"Hollands Bend Regal Classic"

25th March 2018

Royal Adelaide Breed Show

Great day to end my show season. Royal Adelaide Breed Show was a success with WInmallee De Nisha & Winmallee Ferdinand. Was lovely to see more Warmbloods out today. Huge thank you to Chelsea Briffa, Bridget Beal, Sue Parkinson for all your help today. Ferdinand just did 1 led class and then spent the rest of the day back at the stable. Needed to do this to keep Nisha happy.
Winmallee Ferdinand:
1st - Led gelding 3 years
Reserve Champion Junior.

Winmallee De Nisha:
AWHA ring
Champion Warmblood Led Senior
Champion Ridden Warmblood 
Champion Ridden Performance Warmblood 
No supreme gets awarded when I win both champions.
Open Warmblood Ring:
Champion Led Senior Warmblood 
Supreme Champion Led Warmblood 
Champion Ridden Warmblood 
Champion Ridden Young Horse 
Champion Ridden Performance Warmblood 
No supreme awarded due to winning all Champions 
12 x First Ribbons 
Could not ask for better than that.

Thank you Allstars Browbands (Karen Williams) for your sponsorship.

25th November 2018

Super Proud  Moment

A very proud day to say these 2 girls are my students. Well Done Isobel Ivy & Zinta Rutins for riding in your first ever hack show with your OTT horses. 

These two girls are at different stages of their training with their horses. Isobel has been with me for awhile and her horse had winter off and has been back in work for 3 weeks. Zinta has recently started lessons with me and training her horse. So what an achievement for both of you girls today.

Isobel what can I say WOW - 5 x 1st placings, 2 x Champions, 1 x Reserve champion.
Zinta what an amazing job you did with your boy 4 x 2nds. 
Huge thank you to Melanie Sabeeney & Linda McNamara for being so supportive and helpful.

4th October 2018

Introducing Winmallee Donatello

We are so excited to announce we have an absolutely stunning, healthy, strong "DON MARTILLO" colt. 
Born 5.30pm Wednesday the 3rd October 2018.  Chestnut with 3 stockings and no face markings. Winmallee De Nisha foaled with no complications, we did have to help with getting shoulders through as he is a big boy. 

Thank you so much Melanie Sabeeney for helping and enjoying this amazing moment of a new life being born. We were both so emotional after the roller coaster of a year we have had.

We have decided to call him "WINMALLEE DONATELLO" (Donny) which means Given by God. 

Well Winmallee now has 3 new colts -

  • Winmallee Donatello (Don Martillo)
  • Hollands Bend Ravel (Royal Classic)
  • Hollands Bend Regal Classic (Royal Classic)

10th August 2018

Winmallee Royal Reine

Today is a sad but happy day as we say goodbye to Winmallee Royal Reine as she leaves for her new home in Queensland today. This girl is going to be so loved by her new family with Jill Garth and her daughter Aila. I gave them Reine's ribbons from the Royal Adelaide Breed show and the winning ribbons from the National Tours so her ribbon wall could be started. 
Reine even has her own stable with her name on it.
Good luck for the future and I know we will always be in touch.
Bridget Beal & myself are going to miss her so much.

19th March 2018

Morphett Vale Breed Show Extravaganza 2018

"Morphett Vale Breed Show Extravaganza 2018" with Winmallee Ferdinand (Ampere).
What a great day we had, very long day but what a well behaved baby 3yld Ferdi was. It was such a windy day which did not bother the boy at all. First show for him since he was a foal. He certainly was the comedian of the day being a baby boy. He kept everyone very entertained. We did a work out trotting along the back and then of course he just had to stop and have a wee, then we continued the work out. Loved to help the judges with their paperwork and ribbons.  Very successful day with me trying to keep up with his huge stride. This was our practice run for the Royal Adelaide breed show next weekend with Winmallee De Nisha.
AWHA Ring:
*Champion Junior Warmblood 
*Reserve Champion Handler 
OPEN Ring:
*Reserve Champion Handler
*Reserve Champion Gelding

Thank you All Stars Browbands (Karen Williams) for you sponsorship. Huge thank you to photographer Dakota Jones for your help and photos.

19th March 2018

Trakehner National Tour

Great final results for Winmallee with the Trakehner National Tour. Extremely proud again of all my hard work.

CHAMPION Open Led - Winmallee De Nisha
CHAMPION TB Led - Eight Black 
1st - Led Mare 7-10 years - ANL Royal Victory (Remi)
2nd - Led 3 yld - Winmallee Ferdinand
BEST PRESENTED - Amanda Evins, Stacey Williams

22nd January 2018

2018 EA Summer Classic

Lovely day showing with one of my great friends Karen Hague, thank you Karen for being with me today and helping out. Has been a hard few days for me but riding my lovely De Nisha (First Sezannes' Mum) always makes me feel good. It was quite hard for me to get my bearings in such small rings with a very large horse. Only had 3 classes and by the last one I worked out the best way to get around. As usual De Nisha was the star and I was not quite with it but got through. 

  • CHAMPION - Owner/Rider Show Hunter Hack over 15hh
  • Runner up - Show hunter hack over 16hh
  • Runner up - Rider over 18 years

Very hot day in the sun riding it was only 33 degrees but in the sun add another 10. Luckily there was shade to stand in while waiting for events.

Thank you  Allstar Browbands (Karen Williams) for you sponsorship.
Thank you again Karen Hague I could not have gotten through today with out you. xxxx

News 2018

15th March 2018

Trakehner National Tour

​Great day with the Trakehner National Tour. A huge thank you to Tanya Hosford for all your help and was wonderful meeting Frank WeiBkriden & Ursula. Wow what great knowledge they have and happy to share with us all. Really nice to know that I am on the right track with the breeding. Frank is very excited to see De Nisha's foal next year by Don Martillo & though she was lovely.

Now working out a stallion for the lovely ANL Royal Victory who was scored very well.

Ferdinand of course just wowed everyone again with his massive body and height and being a dag.
Well done Stacey Williams today with your lovely mare. I hope you enjoyed the day and knowledge that was passed on.  We are both champions of Presentation with both of us receiving the highest score possible of 40.

There was one really fantastic result today and that was Eight Black (Betty) took Frank's breath away. He said it was one of the best TB's he has seen here and in Germany. He was so impressed and she received amazing scores. Congratulations Isobel Falster for purchasing Betty from me last week. Thank you Emma Hubbard for selling me such an amazing mare. He also said that she is going to make an amazing eventer, luck that is what Isobel wants to do.

Huge thank you to Bridget Beal, Isobel Falster & George for all your help today, you were all amazing.
Thank you All Stars Browband (Karen Williams) for you sponsorship and wonderful browbands.

28th September 2018

Winmallee Fine Fortune - Rest in peace

With a very heavy heart, Melanie Sabeeney & myself would like to let our friends know that we had to put Winmallee Fine Fortune to sleep yesterday. Another extremely hard time for us both as this girl was very special. Fortune was by Finest out of Winmallee Royal Reine. 
We have both worked very hard together to try and help this precious youngster but unfortunately after 2 surgeries we discovered the worst.  She had been diagnosed with a malignant tumour of the hind digital flexor tendon sheath. This is a very rare cancer that has not been seen in this area before. 

Mel & myself have been working with Roseworthy and Tanya Dodi for many months trying to help this girl. This week is when the biopsy reports came through with the bad news. Unfortunately two of the best foal that Winmallee has bred have been lost in the same year.
Winmallee First Sezanne (Sezuan x Winmallee De Nisha)
Winmallee Fine Fortune (Finest x Winmallee Royal Reine)
They are now back together running free.

4th April 2018

Jester Bear - Rest in peace

Rest in peace my lovely Jester Bear (24 yrs).

I will always love you and you were my heart horse and my world, 18 years together. You are now out of pain so enjoy the after life.
​No more needs to be said.