True horsemanship demands time, patience and a sometimes painful honesty. As our horses start to mirror our traits, we may come face to face with the reflection of behaviour which shows that we might be lacking in kindness, confidence and a desire to please.

You have to be disciplined enough to master your own personality otherwise you will not successfully master a horse. This is why the art of classical horsemanship takes a lifetime to achieve. The classical path is sound and all who follow this route can learn more of the fundamental qualities missing from today’s way of life.

Help is available with preparing horses for showing, understanding what is required with preparation and workouts in the show ring and dressage arena.  Amanda has had extensive experience in all types of showing and is available to come and help at shows. 

Horse assessments are done for pre-purchase of horses. To check whether the horse is suited for the discipline you choose. To be sure the conformation is correct for this discipline.

Specialising in training “Off The Track” race horses to become light and supple for the show ring, dressage and pony club.

» Advance your skills in the following:

» Safe handling of horses 

» Understanding your horse – Horse behaviour

» Fitting all types of gear for your horse (saddles, bridles, rugs ext)

» Preparation and care of horse breeding stock

» Equine nutrition: Feeding your horse

» Horses health

» Foaling down

» Managing pastures and weeds

Accommodation and agistment is available for people who have to travel.

Dressage Lessons

The balanced development of the physical ability of the horse, resulting in a calm, supple and flexible animal, in perfect understanding of the Rider.

Horses have highly developed senses that enable them to detect changes in their surroundings and affect how they think and act. Horse trainers and riders need to be aware of horses’ senses and how horses feel and respond. Many riders do not realise how finely developed a horse’s senses are and how sensitive they can be.

Classical Dressage Is...