29th March 2019


Wow I am so proud of my horses and the placings I have achieved on the NATIONAL TOUR.  My home bred horses have made me so proud. All the hard work is worth it.

Winmallee De Nisha - 3rd place - Nationally in the Ridden
Winmallee Donatello - WINNER - NATIONAL OPEN HALTER (Conformation/Free Movement)

Thank you so much Tanya Hosford & Frank Weißkirchen for all your hard work to make this Tour happen. Thank you Frank for all your wise words to myself and my student. Thank you to all my friends for your help through the assessments especially Melanie Sabeeney for all your help through the year.

Biggest thank you to my parents for supporting me through the good and hard times.

8th September 2019

AHDC Dressage


Dressage today at AHDC with Winmallee De Nisha. She is a very good girl and got me through the tests. My eyes were hanging on the ground from no sleep with foal watch. I hope Remi gets this foal out soon as we have dressage next weekend as well.

Certainly not my best riding but happy with how we went for our second competition at medium. 4A - 64.8%, 1st, 4B - 62.8% (1 x error of course) 1st. Lots to improve on but the work is becoming more consistent. 

Thank you Melanie Sabeeney coming out to support me and get me through the day. Thank you Sofya Chernykh for staying the night and helping me out. Thanks for the lovely photos.

15th January 2019


We've had an overwhelming response for the clinic!!   We will be making up a timetable to see how many lessons I can squeeze in for everyone. We will be making a waiting list for the people that cannot fit and if there is cancellations, we will use them. The people on the waiting list can come and watch as often as they like.

We will be asking everyone for a $100 deposit to secure their places in the clinic.

So nice to see people wanting to learn the Classical Way of riding it makes my heart very happy.  Follow us on our Facebook page for regular updates.
We will keep you posted on what is happening.
People wanting to book please still book as We are not sure how many lessons we can do without falling in a heap

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18th August 2019


What a day at our first dressage for over 2 years. First time at Medium for Winmallee De Nisha. Very proud of her dealing with the horrific weather all day (especially in my tests).

First test with horizontal rain, hurricane winds we managed to get a 64.25% which made us the winners. I was absolutely frozen after that test and looked like a drowned rat. Change of clothes ready for the next test.

2nd test was no where near as good, I just managed to remember it but not work Nisha as well as I should have. I certainly let her down a little. Horrible weather again and we scored 57.94 and managed to win this test as well. 

I could not be happier with this lovely girl. Lots to work on and look forward to my next tests with her. Thank you so much Dakota Jones for helping me and taking photos when warming up. Thank you Barrie & Sarita Stratton for all your great lessons.

10th February 2019


We had an amazing day at Murray Bridge Breed show today with HB Ravel (Royal Classic). What a superstar this boy is, his behaviour was so good for just a yearling. This was the first time off my property and of course, first show. Temperament to die for these Royal Classic horses. Thank you Jane Bartram for selling this wonderful boy to me.

Open Warmblood Ring - 
2nd - Best Presented
1st - Led yearling
Champion Led Junior 

AWHA Warmblood Ring -
1st - Best Presented
1st - Led yearling and under
Champion Junior.

Thank you so much Melanie Sabeeney for the lovely photos and help. Thank you Sue Parkinson for all your help today.
Thank you to all the sponsors of the Warmblood Rings.

17th March 2019


A huge day at the All Breeds Show at McLaren Districts Riding Club. This was De Nisha's first time out for 14 months. What a good girl, was a little unsettled as she wanted to be with her friend Bess. Her foal was weaned 5 days ago so I was very impressed with her.

Was great to have the Winmallee girls competing today and I am very proud of them all. Thank you Dakota Jones for coming to watch and then helping.  Thank you Judy Pearson for running a wonderful show.

I am so sorry Karen Williams I forgot to thank All Stars Browbands for my wonderful browband De Nisha is wearing.

Hack Ring
1st - Best Presented Horse & Handler 25 years and over
1st - Led Mare Hack
Champion Led Mare
1st - Smartest on Parade rider over 25 years
1st - Rider 25 years and over
2nd - Hack over 15hh
Reserve Champion Hack 
Warmblood Ring.
1st - Best presented Horse & Handler 18 years and over 
1st - Led Mare
1st - Smartest on Parade 18 yrs over
1st - Ridden Mare
1st - Educated Mare
1st - Rider over 18 years


​​Latest News

2nd May 2019

Welcome to Winmallee Hollands Bend Flawless

Welcome to Winmallee Hollands Bend Flawless (Furst Heirnrich x Royal Classic/Sunny Boy). I now have my breeding program set up. This has taken me 16 years of success, heartache and plenty of hard work and of course... money. Starting from scratch is extremely hard to do but I have proven it can be done later in life. So many hard decisions made on what stallions and breed lines I want for my breeding program. Huge thank you goes out to Jane Bartram helping me through all my decisions.

I now have my mare Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro), Flawless as above, Hollands Bend Regal Classis my colt (Royal Classic x Celeste Laura) & Winmallee Donatello colt (Don Martillo).

This is why unfortunately I have to sell Hollands Bend Ravel as I do not need a gelding. This is such a hard decision but just had to be made as I cannot have too many horses. 

Thank you Melanie Sabeeney for having to listen to all my changes and helping me through decisions. Of course huge thank you to my parents (John Evins) and my husband (Graeme Bear Evins) for supporting me through all of this. I maybe in my 50's but my dream has come true.

7th April 2019


Had a fantastic day at the EA show at Metro today. Thank you Dakota I had so much fun. Trying new things with your horse is so good. So today was the first time jumping with De Nisha and WOW she is just a natural. We did the working hunter classes. 
1st - Working Hunter 60cm
3rd - Working Hunter 45cm

De Nisha was so much better with the higher jumps. Just loved it.

1st - Open Hunter 16.2hh over
1st - Open heavyweight hunter
1st - Open hunter over 15hh
Champion Hunter.
Champion Open Rider over 26 years
Champion Open Large Hunter over 16hh
Champion Open Owner Rider Large Hunter

Could not have asked for more from this lovely girl. Her foal was weaned 1 month ago and she has come back strong. 1st Open show for 17 months.  Thank you Nicky Bruggemann & EA committee for running a great show. Thanks Dakota Jones for the fantastic photos.

7th March 2019


Great day with the Winmallee Horses with 6 x Platinum ribbons awarded.
Winmallee De Nisha - Led 85.18%, Ridden 85.50%
Winmallee Donatello - Led 85.25
Hollands Bend Ravel - 86.78%

Eight Black TB (Bess) "A" class Foundation mare, Ridden 74.50%
Lots of great comments especially with the training of all the horses. Thank you Melanie Sabeeny & Kerry Tripodi.

19th May 2019

All Breeds Group Young Stock Show

Just for something different on a stormy rainy day I thought I would take HB Flawless (Furst Heinrich x Royal Classic/Sunny Boy) to the All Breeds Group Young Stock Show.

I do not usually take a horse out this early after purchasing them but wanted to support this group, I certainly did not want to take my very large foals as they are turned out. So with Flawless (Fly) I thought I would put some training in this week with some work in the arena. Taught her to lunge so I could lead out at the show. Taught her to go on my float Friday & Saturday. Did a practice wash on Friday (which she was not a fan). Then washed her properly on Saturday and she was such a good girl. Plaited her up for the first time. So she had many new things thrown at her and I was very impressed with her behaviour.

Travelled well to the show and very quiet when she arrived.   We only did a few events as the weather was getting a little rough so we left as she had already had a big day for her first outing. I was also having pain with my leg and did not want to push things.

Missed my Warmblood classes and 2 yld classes as she had been so good so why ruin it.
1st - Handler over 50
Champion Handler
2nd - Led Hack over 15hh
Reserve Champion 

Jane Bartram you have to be proud of this lovely baby, I certainly am

16th September 2019


SVDC yesterday with Winmallee De Nisha. Another very long day with a perfect horse and a very exhausted rider. One day soon I will be able to ride my tests correctly without a foggy head. Remi will have to foal soon then hopefully I will be back to normal.

Had a great day with great friends Melanie Sabeeney & Dakota supporting me through my emotional melt downs through the day. Me being an absolute perfectionist made it hard for me when I could not think straight. Very happy with this amazing horse who just does not wrong. 2 x Medium tests again today with 1st test which I rode slightly differently experimenting on how much engagement and tempo. This is what it is all about working out how do get the tests the best I can. Did not have enough energy in this test. Made an error of course and mucked up a few movements but this happens 60.76%

2nd test I rode with more energy and it was much better, still lots to work on 64.30%.

24th March 2019


3rd - Open led male foal 85.18% (Winmallee Donatello)
1st - Open led male yearling 86.18% (HB Ravel)
1st - Open led mare 5-6 yrs 85.15 (Winmallee De Nisha)
1st - Open ridden mare 5-6 yrs 85.50 (Winmallee De Nisha)
2nd -SB led male foal 85.18 % (Winmallee Donatello)
1st - SB led yearling male 86.78% (HB Ravel)
1st - SB led mare 5-6 yrs 85.18 % (Winmallee De Nisha)
2nd -SB ridden mare 5-6 yrs 82.50% (Winmallee De Nisha)
"A" Class Registeres Foundation mare (Eight Black)(TB)
3rd - FM led mare over 6 yrs (Eight Black)
2nd - FM ridden mare over 6 years (Eight Black)

2nd - Highest % Studbook Led - SA: Hollands Bend Ravel - 86.78%.
3rd - Highest % Studbook Ridden - SA: Winmallee De Nisha - 82.50%.
1st - Highest % FM Led - SA: Eight Black (TB) - 71.96%.
1st - Highest % FM Led - SA: Eight Black (TB) - 74.50%.

2nd - Highest % Open Led - SA: Hollands Bend Ravel - 86.78%.
= 3rd Highest % Open Led - SA: Winmallee De Nisha - 85.18%.
= 3rd Highest % Open Led - SA: Winmallee Donatello - 85.18%.
2nd - Highest % Open Ridden - SA: Winmallee De Nisha - 85.50%.

Could not be prouder of all of my horses. All my hard work and time is paying off. Thank you my parents John Evins & Anne Evins for all your support over the years. Hoping to make you proud. 

Huge thank you to all my friends for all your help and support.