Blas successfully campaigned the stallion Vivaldi, a thoroughbred cross Promeza, Northern Xanthus and Northern Hector all to FEI level competition. He is best known however for his partnership with the Holsteiner, Northern Hector whom he took from Preliminary right through to over 30 Grand Prix starts. He was short listed for the London Olympics with his “best friend” – however unfortunately the horse died in the warm-up arena at Werribee in one of the last qualifiers for London. He now concentrates on teaching and training, but I believe he has a stunning colt that he is bringing along – so watch this space!

He is an amazing horseman, a very humble man and a champion in his own right.

About Blas Lago

​​‘No one can claim that ‘Blas Lago’ was born with a silver spoon in his mouth’.

Blas’s family are well known in Spain as prominent Dressage Trainers and Riders. Blas and his family have a 400 year old history of training and riding Classical Dressage.

Blas immigrated to Australia for work. He was young and enthusiastic and became the “Master Trainer and Horseman” of 'El Cabello Blanco' in Sydney. It was there he made a name for himself as a “Master Horseman and Trainer”, showing his skills and knowledge passed down to him from his family for many generations – that being to achieve ‘one with the horse’.

He has been one of Australia’s top Grand Prix Dressage Riders since the 1980′s and is a Level 2 EA Instructor.  He currently trains both Judy and Daniella Dierks.