28th March 2015

What a wonderful day at the ROYAL ADELAIDE BREED SHOW 2015.

Great success for the WINMALLEE TEAM and extremely well behaved horses all day.

Very exhausted horses and owner. Having 3 horses to run out through many events and championships, riding Reine in all her events then driving home (no idea how I did it).

Total Ribbons for the day: 

5 x Reserve Champions.
11 x 1st Place
4 x 2nd Place

Winmallee De Nisha (De Niro) - SUPREME CHAMPION JUNIOR WB

Winmallee Royal Reine (Royal Hit) - SUPREME CHAMPION RIDDEN WB

Winmallee Ferdenand (Ampere) - RESERVE CHAMPION YEARLING & UN

A huge thanks to my wonderful strappers Tracey Hillier & Karen Hague. A special thanks to Karen Hague for leading out Winmallee Emerald while I led her 6 month foal Winmallee Ferdinand.

Thank you to my wonderful husband (Bear Cave) for driving the other float and taking all the lovely photos and holding horses during the day.

Thank you Wendy Kennedy for letting me borrow your husband to hold horses.

I am very proud of my horses all doing so well at this tour. There were two standout horses that did me so proud. Breeding an excellent warmblood is not easy, breeding then training/breaking them in as well is a big job. For 10 years now I have started with nothing and built myself up to getting great results Nationally.

For a small warmblood breeder and trainer, we are making our stamp on Australia.

Winmallee Royal Reine

Winmallee Royal Reineexcelled herself again in both the led and ridden classes. She is now a 4 year old and up with the senior horses so it is a touch challenging in the ridden classes now as she is young and inexperienced.

Reine won ALL her led classes and came reserve champion in all of them. In her ridden classes she came home with an even amount of First & Second places, Champion and Reserve Champion placings.

Winmallee De Nisha

This lovely De Niro mare excelled herself at the show today. She won all her classes but was only reserve champion for her broad ribbons. The only reason why is unfortunately she has terrible greasy heel at the moment due to the hot humid weather. This has caused swelling in the front off fore.

We had lovely comments by both judges about how this is the best horse I have ever bred. Just STUNNING, saying she has a big future and she is just all quality. Unfortunately because it is a lead class they were unable to place her higher.

Winmallee De Vyne (De Niro), this was her first show and what a very well behaved yearling this girl was.

1st - Led Yearling
2nd - Led Show Hack 
2nd - Led Open horse under 3 yrs.

It was so nice to be able to ride the whole show in a snaffle bridle. This girl is advancing so well now. She has been a little tricky but time and a loving heart has paid off. Looking forward to the 4 year old Young Horse Dressage Championships on the weekend.

Thank you Tammy Klitscher for the lovely photo.

FOR SALE |  18th January 2015 ​

Check out our Horses For Sale page for details on our latest 'Trakehner Registered Studbook 1 TV Mare for sale.


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15th April 2015 ​

Well this is where the bond started with Ferdinand. He was 10 minutes old and this is where he wanted to be. Mum exhausted and lying down and he was lying on my lap.  

I don't blame mum for being buggered giving birth to this giant.


23rd April 2015 ​

Winmallee Fellini by Ampère - Dutch Warmblood Stallion has been sold to a wonderful home.

Looking forward to following his future which I will still be a part of. So happy for the little man and his new owner. He will be leaving Winmallee Classical Riding & Warmbloods at the end of June.

Wow... Winmallee Beau

Wow... well done Jessica Greentree!

You have done Winmallee Classical Riding & Warmbloods Proud. It is so lovely to have the Winmallee name out there in the hack world.

Thank you so much for owning this wonderful horse Beau.

AUSTRALIA DAY BREED SHOW - 25th January 2015​​

Well what a WONDERFUL DAY for Winmallee Classical Riding & Warmbloods at the Australia Day Breed Show. Thank you to Dakota Jones for all your help with the two girls today. Congratulations to Lisa Hosking and her two lovely Winmallee breed horses.

Winmallee Furst Class took out GRAND CHAMPION LED WARMBLOOD and I couldn't be prouder of Lisa and the awesome job she has done presenting her horses. Winmallee Royal Rufino  won all his classes as well.

Winmallee Royal Reine (2nd show back after 8 months off due to illness)

1st - Led Mare over 4yrs
1st - Led Show Hack 
1st - Smartest on Parade 
 1st - Ridden Warmblood mare
1st - Novice Ridden warmblood
2nd - Show Hack 
1st - Educated Hack 
1st - Pleasure Hack 
1st - Led Open Mare over 4 yrs
2nd - Ridden Open horse over 14.2hh
2nd - Ridden Open Show Hack 
2nd - Pleasure horse

​"Hi Mandy, Athena had her second dressage comp today in gale-force winds, I have never ridden in such bad weather! She was an absolute star!! So love this mare, she looked after me so well and to top it off we won both our tests with a 67 and 69!!

Couldn't be happier considering she has had quite a few weeks off up until last week".

This girl was owned by Skye Haagmans and was also used as a school horse at Winmallee Classical Riding & Warmbloods. A very loved mare by many.

UPDATE  |  Winmallee Athena - 18th January 2015

It is so nice receiving updates on the lovely Winmallee Athena who was sold last year to Teresa Darcy in Tasmania. This was the latest message I received from her and wanted to share this with everyone, especially the people who knew Athena.


21st April 2015

Please come around and have a look at what we have for sale. Clearing out the tack room so many things that you might need. You are welcome to just drop in on Sat & Sun after 12pm. Other times, please just contact me to let me know - Amanda 0438 085 066 or Facebook message me.

Winter - 6'9, 6'6, 6'3,5'9,
Rain sheets - same sizes as above
Woollen/doona - same sizes as above
Neck rugs - Polar fleece, water proof, summer
Hoods - Polar fleece, water proof, summer
Summer rugs - 6'9

Can't see what you are wanting? 

Just ask me as you never know what I have got here that you might need. This place is just like a saddlery shop!

SOLD:  Adela 
​22nd March 2015

The lovely Adela (Morgan x Arab) has been sold to a wonderful home.

A lovely 12 year old is now the new proud owner of this terrific horse. Many wonderful years of happiness to come for them both. She will be continuing with lessons at Winmallee Classical Riding and will be competing in dressage and the hunter ring.

Looking forward to their future together!

MURRAY BRIDGE BREED SHOW - 8th February 2015

UPDATE | Winmallee Bon Braxton (Braxi)

3rd February 2015​​

RIP my beautiful Brax.

You are now with your mum Santonia. Thank you for coming into my life even though it was just for a short time. My heart is breaking so much as you were my dream horse. Run free with your mum and remember I will always love you.

Braxi......... you meant everything to me. xx



Winmallee Fellini and Winmallee Ferdinand were both assessed and scored amazingly.

Both went PREMIUM FOALS with a score of 79%. Very happy with this result as we have not bred with Ampere (IMP Dutch Warmblood) before. Both the foals were very well behaved but were a little too quiet so did not show off the their full potential.  Winmallee Fellini is for sale, please contact me for more information. Both foals are 3 months old.

News 2015 continued...

5 x Pairs (set of 4) large floating boots
Girths - different sizes
Lots of Reins - Snaffle plain, Snaffle with rubber inside, Curbs.
Bits - Different types & sizes
Exercise boots 
Saddle Cloths

We had a fantastic day at the AWHA Tour Assessments. I managed to plait them all up and I have no idea how I did that. The horses were extremely well behaved and many great comments on how well they were all trained and presented. Thank you Jane McDonald for all the lovely photos which I will share shortly. Thank you Karen Hague & Kerry Tripodi for all your help.

Winmallee Fellini was the super star with a score of 86.96%
Winmallee Royal Reine excelled her self in the led 84.64%
Winmallee Royal Reine smashed the ridden with 85.50%
Winmallee Ferdinand had his problem of being too chilled 81.78%
Winmallee De Nisha scored extremely well in conformation, but still was not moving to her best because of the greasy heal 82.32%
Winmallee De Vyne scored well for a yearling 82.50%

Winmallee Royal Reine absolutely excelled herself with:
- Highest scoring led Studbook Warmblood in SA - 84%
- Highest scoring ridden Studbook Warmblood in SA - 84.64%
- Highest scoring ridden Open Warmblood in SA - 85.50%

These scores just make me so proud of my warmblood breeding and the long hard road I have taken to get there. Many years of heartache and happiness and starting from absolute scratch. I never had the money to buy a warmblood mare to breed or compete with so I started with OTT Thoroughbreds to breed and ride. Many people told me that breeding with TB's would not give me quality WB's. Well I have proven that if you use quality TB mares you can breed amazing quality horses.

Many people have given me grief about riding OTT's and the way I train my horses but I just kept going and following my heart. Proof is in the pudding as they say and now I am enjoying the rewards of my hard work. 

Thank you again Jane McDonald for all the lovely photos. Thank you to all the people who have helped me through especially Lisa Hosking, Wendy Hosking & Dakota Jones.

Exhausting day but loads of fun!

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to Dakota & Anushka for all your help at the show.  You guys made it a lovely day and I could not have done it without you.

Go team Winmallee!!!

Winmallee Furst Class
​and Winmallee Royal Rufino

A huge congratulations to Lisa Hosking who owns Winmallee Furst Class and Winmallee Royal Rufino. These wonderful young horses won all their classes as well and took out champions. 

So lovely to see the Winmallee horses doing so well out in the show/breed ring.

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Then at 6 months old at the Royal Adelaide Breed Show we ended in the same position. He was just a little large to lie on my lap.

This boy certainly has my heart.

2015 AWHA Australian Warmblood Horse Association (AWHA) Ltd National Assessment Tour

Winner of Highest % Studbook Led - SA:  Winmallee Royal Reine
2nd Place Studbook Led Mare 4 and 5 years:  Winmallee Royal Reine
Equal winner of the 3rd Highest % Studbook Ridden - AUSTRALIA: Winmallee Royal Reine
Winner of the Highest % Studbook Ridden - SA: Winmallee Royal Reine
2nd place - Studbook Ridden 5 years & under: Winmallee Royal Reine
1st Place - Open Led Mare 4 & 5 years: Winmallee Royal Reine
Winner of Highest % Open Ridden - AUSTRALIA:  Winmallee Royal Reine
Winner of Highest % Open Ridden - SA: Winmallee Royal Reine
1st Place - Open Ridden 5 years & under: Winmallee Royal Reine
Winner of Highest % WPRB/WID Led - SA: Winmallee Fellini
2nd Place - WPRB Led Weanling Male: Winmallee Fellilni

Thank you AWHA for such lovely ribbons and price money.


2nd February 2015​​

Murray Bridge Breed Show - 8th February 2015

The Murray Bridge All Breeds Show is on this Sunday (8th Feb), and it has an awesome Open Warmblood ring program, and we are looking for some more entries!!! 

There are classes for everyone! An amazing Junior and Senior Led Section, as well as ridden classes with something to suit everyone!! There is also an AWHA ring aswell!

I know entries have closed, but if you contact the amazing Amy Cockburn, she will sort something out for you!

Come on guys! Let's be proud of our amazing horses and show them off to the rest of the world!!

We really want to promote the amazing warmblood breed and we need support out there.