Above:  Fürst Love as a 5 year old 

Above:  Fürst Love as a 4 year old 

Above:  Fürst Love as a 3 year old 

Stallions  - Fürst Love

Fürst Love is a sensational young stallion with the looks, movement and pedigree of a Super Star. 

Fürst Love’s silhouette is the prototype of a dressage horse: smooth lines, an excellent neck-shoulder formation and movements that can only be described as first class. He was Oldenburger Licensed in December 2008 and then went on to complete an impressive 30 Day Performance Test as a 2 year old. He finished 3rd in Dressage, (after two 4 year old stallions) out of a group of 28.

His temperament and rideability are exceptional and his movements are of especially high quality. The ground covering walk is exceptional. Equally so is his trot, with great expression, hock and knee action, and a beautiful swinging back. The canter being the highlight of his gaits, is extremely graceful, active, uphill and wonderfully balanced.

Fürst Love has an elegant black exterior which compliments his undeniable charismatic presence.

Fürst Love descends from the famous ‘Love Story’ mare family. This family has produced countless Champions, Premium Stallions, Elite and State Premium mares, and wrote breeding history when she produced the Rastede Mare Show Champion, Love Story II (who later produced the Rastede Mare Show Champion, Love Story V). Numerous successful high level dressage horses have also been born from this family. Others descending from this mare family include Dream Catcher (who sold for 406,000EU), La Piko S, Levantino H, Sir Diamond, Saturday, Rubin Extra, Feinbrand, Universal, Don Romantica, Froschkonig, Fürst Wilhelm, Decamerone (Fürst Love’s half brother who sold for 380,000EU), Lady Devinja, St.Pr. St. Lady’s Flavia, St.Pr./El.St. Lady’s Nice, El.St. Lady Die, St.Pr/El.St Lady Diva, Verb.Pr.St. Lady’s Donna, Verb.Pr.St Lady’s Dame, St.Pr.St. Etoile, and the list goes on.

Throughout the pedigree of Fürst Love you will find Sires and Dams of proven quality. His ancestory is loaded with Elite and State Premium mares, and Stallions who are well recognized for their ‘history making’ influence on Warmblood Breeding worldwide. Inspirational stallions such as Florestan I, Donnerhall and Rubinstein – the three most influential stallions of the century, all have their place in the pedigree of Fürst Love. Added to this are two of ‘Modern History’s’ most influential sires, Fürst Heinrich and Sandro Hit. Sandro Hit continues to write history, breaking records with his offspring at auctions all over the world. Sandro Hit progeny are consistently winning Young Horse Championships and being awarded Champions, Elite and Premium at Stallion Licensing, Performance Tests and Mare Shows.

Fürst Heinrich was well on his way to stardom before his life was sadly cut short at age 7. Awarded a Premium Stallion at his Licensing, he then went on to become Champion of his Performance Test in Münster-Handorf. As a five year old in 2003 he was crowned World Dressage Champion. In his short breeding career, he has produced well over 40 Licensed Stallions including many Premium stallions, Champions and Reserve Champions. The impressive list of State Premium mares sired by Fürst Heinrich is further evidence of the consistent quality being produced.

Fürst Love has all the physical, mental, hereditary and genetic attributes required to ensure a successful career as a Sire and Dressage Competitor.