Royal Hit / Grosso Z (3 year old Mare)

This Royal Hit / Don Schufro colt was licensed at the 2007 Oldenburger Licensing.

He sold for 300,000 Euro

Royal Hit / Don Schufro Colt

Elite State Premium Mares


Above:  Royal Rhythmik

Above:  Royal Doruto as a 4 year old

As a four year old, Royal Doruto won many admirers in the Competition Ring and the Breeding Barn. He is in high demand from breeders, and his success in the ring has been phenomenal. Consistent scores over 9 have seen him win his class wherever he goes. He was a Finalist at the 2008 Bundeschampionate and qualified for the 2009 and 2010 Bundeschampionate but did not attend. In 2008 he won the Oldenburger State Champion 4 year old with an amazing score of 9.17 (the highest score awarded over the entire event.) He repeated this success in 2009, becoming the 5 Year Old Oldenburger State Champion, and in 2010 as a 6 Year Old he was Reserve Champion.

​The Royal Hit son presented for the Westphalen Licensing 2006 was awarded Premium Licensed Stallion. The Royal Hit/Rouletto son was impressive from day one, with talk of future Bundeschampion amongst the crowd comments. The tall liver chestnut, shows the typical traits that Royal Hit is consistently producing – rhythym, elasticity, uphill, impulsion, knee and hock action. Being awarded Premium Licensed Stallion is a true reflection of the top class horse that he is. He is now leased to the Westphalen State Stud in Germany and has been appropriately named Royal Rhythmik.
Royal Hit unfortunately carries an injury sustained at his performance test which has limited his competition career. It is unknown how the injury occurred and exactly where the problem lies. Fortunately this has had no effect on his abilities as a Sire.


​From his first foal crop, Royal Hit produced two Licensed Oldenburger sons. One colt was licensed at the main Licensing and was one of just 36 colts licensed from an original field of 366. The Royal Hit / Painter’s Row xx colt is a wonderful example of the quality produced by Royal Hit. In a line up of colts that have been described as the best group of stallion candidates ever presented for the Oldenburger Licensing, being recognized and licensed is a wonderful achievement.

​The second Licensed Oldenburger son, Royal Doruto was presented at a later date, and is another fine example of the exceptional qualities Royal Hit is producing in every area. The upstanding brown colt is out of a Rubinstein/Matador (Trak) mare, and according to his owner is an absolute delight in the barn.

Above:  Royal Doruto as a 3 year old

Stallions  - Royal Hit

The incredibly stunning 1c premium Oldenburg stallion has a unique charisma second to none. His dominant producer power is evident in his progeny. His first foal crop (in 2004) resulted in three Licensed Stallion sons (one Premium) and 6 State Premium mares (two Elite). Their quality is a great indication of the class of horse that Royal Hit produces. Since the first foal crop he has produced many more Premium daughters, Licensed sons and top quality competition horses.

​His dominance as a producer sees Royal Hit stamping his progeny with all of his quality traits. He is consistently producing a complete package of unmatched quality. The oldest progeny in Germany are making a big impact in the young horse competition ring with consistent scores over 9 and up to 10 (for walk). Royal Hit progeny have brilliant temperaments and their trainability is second to none. The conformation is excellent, with a strong resemblence to their father; leggy, uphill, elegant. The movement is exceptional, with super knee and hock action, and more importantly an elastic, swinging back.

​Progeny achievements include Oldenburger State Champions and Reserve Champions for 4, 5 and 6 year old classes, Bundeschampionate Finalists and Qualifiers, Representatives at the World Championships for Dressage Horses, numerous Licensed Sons and State Premium daughters, AWHA Champions and Supreme Champions throughout Australia, ACE Assessment Tour Champion Colt and numerous Elite and Premium awarded foals. In Europe, USA and UK the progeny are consistently winning or placing in dressage competitions, and in Australia the progeny are just starting under saddle and are attracting alot of attention. The temperaments have been outstanding and their movement and type is high quality, scoring up to 80% in their first competitions. One of the stand out qualities that consistently comes through (apart from temperament) is the elastic, swinging back.

​With Royal Hit’s famous Loretta dam line, being one of the most successful dam lines in warmblood history, breeders can be assured of quality and consistency.

​Being a half brother to Sandro Hit and Diamond Hit, he carries the hereditiary genes of proven success. Sandro Hit is arguably one of the most influential sires in Warmblood History. He carries the title of World Champion Dressage Horse in 1999 and Bundeschampion, also in 1999. Diamond Hit also has had enormous success, being Vice World Champion and Vice German Champion.

Royal Hit won several of his first dressage competitions and completed a good stallion performance test with high marks of 8′s and 9′s for his basic gaits and rideability, and perfect scores of 10 for conformation and character.